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    PM Modi on Patel Jayanti: Open support of terrorism is a matter of global concern

    Today, on 31 October, the whole of India is celebrating the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Patel played an important role in the creation of a united India after independence by unifying the princely states. He also took over as the First Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country. He was posthumously decorated with Bharat Ratna in 1991. Keeping in mind his contribution to the integration of the country, Patel is being celebrated as National Unity Day on the birth anniversary since 2014.

    On the 145th birth anniversary of former Home Minister Sardar Vallabh Patel, Unity Day was organized in Kevadia, Gujarat. Prime Minister Modi saluted the unity parade that took place during this time and addressed the countrymen.

    Openly in support of terrorism is a matter of global concern

    Initially, the Prime Minister greeted the countrymen on Patel Jayanti and Valmiki Jayanti, after which he described the open support to terrorism as a big challenge. For being politically selfish in the Pulwama attack, he strongly targeted the opposition.

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    He said, “There are a lot of challenges during progress efforts, which the whole world is facing along with India. Such situations have happened in the world in the recent past. The way some people are coming forward in support of terrorism, it is a matter of global concern today. In today’s environment, all the countries, governments, and creeds of the world need more and more to fight unitedly against terrorism. Peace, brotherhood, and mutual respect is the real identity of humanity. Terrorism and violence can never benefit anyone.”

    On the Pulwama attack, Modi was indirectly attacking the opposition. He accused the opposition of being politically selfish. Prime Minister Modi said, “Today when I am watching the parade of paramilitary forces, I have a picture of Pulwama in my mind. The country can never forget the Pulwama attack when our brave soldiers lost their lives. Even then, some people were watching their selfishness in the Pulwama attack instead of joining in the misery. The country can never forget what things were done and how statements were made at that time. When the country was hit with such a big wound, then selfishness and ego-ridden politics were at the peak.”

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    India is on the path of development

    Regarding the Covid-19, PM said that this disaster came suddenly, which affected human life all over the world. But how the country proved its collective strength and will in the face of this epidemic is unprecedented.

    Modi said that “A self-reliant country can be assured of progress as well as security. Today India is moving towards self-sufficiency in the field of defense. India’s vision and attitude on the border have changed. The nation has to remember that the strength of India’s unity keeps on knocking others a lot. They want to make this diversity our weakness. There is a need to be vigilant against such forces. Those eyeing the land of India are getting answers today. India is constructing hundreds of kilometers of roads, dozens of bridges, and many tunnels on its borders. India is fully prepared today to protect its sovereignty and honor.”

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    Kashmir on the new path of development, leaving barriers behind

    On Kashmir, the Prime Minister said that there were a lot of barriers in the development of Kashmir, but now leaving behind those obstacles, Kashmiri is on the new path of development. Today, along with the restoration of peace in the North East, new steps are being taken for development. Our country is establishing new dimensions of unity today.

    Referring to Balmiki Jayanti, the Prime Minister said that, “it is a wonderful coincidence that even today, there is also Balmiki Jayanti. The cultural unity of India, the life we experience, to make it vibrant and energetic, was done by Adikavi Maharishi Balmiki centuries ago.” He said that the plane service from Sardar Sarovar to Sabarmati River Front is going to be launched today and now there will be an option of Sea Plane Service to see the Statue of Unity.

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    Sanjay Khan
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