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    Issues on which some TV channels created a ruckus, the same issues made them stand in the dock

    Republic TV was not able to get out of the trap of the Government of Maharashtra, so the famous media channels of the country have received another setback. The entire world is aware of the situation of Indian media. The media was showing such reports for the last few days that today itself is in the news. The prime time debate is also being discussed by the media itself. This is a very ridiculous situation. There is no doubt that TRP’s greed has gone down the level of the media channel. But no stopper was ever found. Such channels used to be mocked on social media but there was always freedom legally.

    But now all these channels are facing a legal crisis. After the fake TRP scam, 38 Bollywood production companies have attacked such channels simultaneously.

    A petition filed in Supreme Court

    Along with 4 associations of Bollywood, 34 producers have filed a petition in Delhi High Court against 4 journalists and 2 news channels. This petition has appealed to stop making irresponsible, derogatory, defamatory rhetoric and media trials about Bollywood.

    These manufacturers gave clarification saying that they do not want a complete ban on news related to any investigation. But he wants a permanent ban on broadcasting content violating the laws by Arnab Goswami (Republic TV) and Shiv Shankar (Times Now).

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    Production companies of Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar also included

    The associations that have filed the petition are: –

    1. Association and Producers Guild of India

    2. The Cine and TV Artists Association

    3. The Film and TV Producers Council

    4. Screenwriters Association

    Along with this, 34 production companies are also included, in which the companies of Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar are also named.

    It is believed that Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar cannot go against these media channels. The most important reason for this is the government-backed approach. Both actors have appeared with the BJP on several occasions. All the channels which are being accused, have also come so far in support of the government. In such a situation, it is amazing to see both these actors come together with Bollywood on this issue.

    Attacks on Bollywood

    This whole game started with the Sushant Singh Rajput case. In the Sushant case, some media channels had crossed their limits. Such news was run without any truly concrete evidence.

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    The whole issue of the Sushant case was halted by the evils of Bollywood. The tomb of Bollywood was being dug in the name of Justice for Sushant. Everyday Bollywood’s new colorations were being made. Such a broadcast brought TRP but now also brought many difficulties. It is very wrong to accuse someone without any evidence and it is wrong not to understand this and more.

    Maharashtra government have also targeted

    Earlier, the Maharashtra government also revealed that some channels have taken illegal steps to get fake TRPs. In which Republic TV was killed the most. Along with Bollywood, these channels also fiercely targeted the Maharashtra government in the Sushant case.

    Several comments were made on Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and his son Aditya Thackeray. After which the government brought the case of Fake TRP. It is still under investigation, in such a case, the petition filed by Bollywood will put Arnab in deep difficulty.

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    It is to be noted that due to all these issues, Republic TV has outperformed all other channels in terms of TRP by a very large margin. Such journalism was done under the guise of the Sushant case, which cannot be called journalism at all. Perhaps it is time to bear the consequences. The issue on which these channels created a ruckus, the same issues are now asking for their accounts.

    Along with Bollywood, the country’s journalism must have sat with the hope that such a decision would come from the Delhi High Court. Which can set the criteria for new and better journalism in India.

    Such journalism did not just affect the audience badly. With this, some journalists also grew on that path in the greed of TRP and publicity. No one person will have a hand in the impact of the falling journalism of these channels. The court will be expected to contribute to the strength of the fourth pillar of the country and show the right path to the country’s journalism with its decision.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
    Author of Awutar. He was born in India. Currently, he lives in Patna, India. He is pursuing his studies as a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. Besides which, he is a Certified Creative Writer who writes on multiple niches. If you want to contact her, send her an Email via: [email protected]


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