NewsIndiaAfter tolerating patriarchal thinking of the nation, Rhea Chakraborty finally gets bail

    After tolerating patriarchal thinking of the nation, Rhea Chakraborty finally gets bail

    On Wednesday morning, Rhea Chakraborty got bail with conditions from the Mumbai High Court and was released by evening. He has got bail on the condition that he has to present his attendance every 10 days and also submit his passport. The court has said that if she goes out of Greater Mumbai as well, then she will have to inform the officers about it first.

    The High Court also said that Rhea would have to appear in the NCB(Narcotics Control Bureau) office at the beginning of every month for 6 months. She is not allowed to meet any witness in this case and Rhea will have to be present at every court hearing. Rhea Chakraborty was arrested in a drug case involving the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

    #Justice for Sushant

    Significantly, on 14 June, Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. He was found hanging at his residence in Bandra in Mumbai. It was revealed that he was undergoing mental stress for the last few days. Everyone’s finger stopped on his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty mainly because she used to live with Sushant.

    After this, everything got entangled as the days passed. Because of Sushant’s personality, the country was not ready to believe that he would have committed suicide. Based on this idea, Rhea was guilty of everything. The family of Sushant also made many other allegations against Rhea such as abetting Sushant to commit suicide.

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    Media trial

    The whole country was deeply saddened by the accidental departure of a youth. The media also started running news against Rhea with the same thought. The whole country pounced on Rhea with its conservative mindset. Everybody started weaving their share of the story on social media but there was a villain common in it. The media was receiving TRP. For months, 24 × 7, they only kept getting fresh charges on Rhea. For the whole country, sympathy with Shushant meant hating Rhea. ‘The Great Media’ of India was involved in all this, who presented it to the public like a witch of a film.

    CBI and NCB got some serious work

    The media not only did injustice to Rhea but also did not leave Shushant. Shushant came to know about taking drugs after which Rhea became a drug dealer. The Modi government also did not want to go against the people and the government got a great opportunity to clamp down on Bollywood. After this CBI and NCB were put to work.

    After interrogating Rhea and her brother for 3 days, the NCB finally got the evidence and both were arrested. This was so funny because if NCB works real then 30% of Indians will be in lockup for these charges.

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    Dug up mountain

    The way Rhea was treated, perhaps this country would have respected a terrorist more than this. Rhea Chakraborty was taken on remand by the people and government not only because she was a drug smuggler. She is believed to be responsible for the suicide of Sushant or she is one of the accused who killed Sushant.

    But she was arrested claiming that she was involved in the drug syndicate. Rhea was arrested under sections 20B, 27A, 28, and 29 of the NDPS Act. After which he also got bail.

    Nothing was found in the CBI investigation. The report of AIIMS was approved by CBI, in which it is clear that Sushant was not killed, he committed suicide.
    Now the question arises that Rhea just lost to the patriarchal thought?

    Let’s smash the patriarchy

    Although India threatens a little in terms of economic growth and progress, mentally, most Indians are still living in the medieval mindset. Barring a few metros, the whole country is living somewhere under its conservative mind. And this orthodox thought starts blowing out when it comes to the weakness of a man. Whether there is discrimination against Dalits or women, nothing is hidden from anyone.

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    In such a society, how can anyone easily understand the suicide of Shushant? Men are powerful, whether mentally or physically. In a country where mental weakness is a matter of fun for all, how will that country accept the cause of suicide due to mental disorder?

    In such a situation, Rhea would be the weakest and suitable means on which to put all the burden. Anyway, do not know from which era women are carrying the burden of this country quietly on their shoulders at which men sit and praise their glory, do abusive acts with women, and speak of justice. The whole world saw the best example of manpower when no one in the whole country dared to raise his voice in support of Rhea.

    Rhea, who was surrounded by a 24-hour media camera, was seen a few days before her arrest. For the first time, people may have seen Rhea differently. This country was shown a mirror by a girl, who inside must be forcing people to question themselves. That day Rhea was staring at the camera with her stoned eyes, she was wearing a top, on which was quoted:

    ME AND YOU.”

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