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    “I don’t trust you either”: the controversial response of the Secretary of the Interior in Mexico to the mother of a missing person

    After the interdict, the presidential candidate also ordered that the woman be treated.

    The Secretary of the Interior of Mexico, Adán Augusto López Hernández, was at the center of a controversy after he had an unfortunate exchange with the mother of a missing young woman.

    The woman was together with other mothers of the disappeared who gathered at the doors of the Secretariat. When the official came out, they rebuked him.

    “We, as Mexican women, really ask you to receive us,” said Araceli García, who arrived in Mexico City from the Ciudad Juárez border to demand the search for her daughter who has been missing since March 3, 2019. .

    “Let’s see ma’am, do you trust me?” López Hernández questioned her, to which García replied that he did not trust anyone.

    “Well, I don’t trust you either,” the secretary, who is one of the most influential figures in the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and also an official presidential candidate headed for the 2024 general elections, told him.

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    “I am the mother of a disappeared person and that is why I do not trust the authorities, I need paper with signature and seal“, the woman insisted as a way to have a guarantee, to which the official promised that he would comply with what they agreed between them.

    The dialogue was recorded in a video that went viral and generated repudiation due to the insensitivity of the response of an official who, in turn, is the head of human rights policies and, in particular, of the search for the 103,208 people who, according to official reports, are today missing or not located in Mexico, which is one of the main indicators of the serious humanitarian crisis that the country is suffering.

    The main references were the contrast between his response and his presidential aspirations.

    The Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights, for its part, repudiated the official’s actions.

    “We are deeply outraged at the callous, arrogant and pitiful response that he directed before different groups and collectives of mothers and relatives of disappeared persons who demanded their right to protest and to demand truth, justice and reparation,” he said in a statement.

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    He also warned that the lack of trust of the victims in the institutions is a legitimate position and justified by the evidence.


    In the midst of the controversy, also on social networks, another video was broadcast showing López Hernández and García in conciliatory terms.

    Why haven’t they attended to you??” Asked the secretary, to which García explained that he had just arrived in Mexico City a week ago.

    At that time, López Hernández summoned one of his collaborators to personally assist a woman who, like thousands of mothers in Mexico, is looking for her relative.

    Garcia later assured in an interview that the secretary’s first reaction had been disappointing.

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    “I didn’t expect it. it was very outrageous. If he doesn’t trust me, how am I going to trust his government? If he gave us this type of response, how can I ensure that he is actually going to help my companions?

    Garcia warned that she and other searchers are only asking for a fair investigation. “Here we are all victims, we all have disappeared, an injustice, and that they told us that was very reckless,” she said.

    Source: RT

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