NewsHungary and Poland oppose the EU agreement to reduce gas consumption

    Hungary and Poland oppose the EU agreement to reduce gas consumption

    Despite their opposition, the regulation that involves the voluntary reduction of gas demand by 15% was formally approved.

    The countries of the European Union (EU) formally approved this Friday to voluntarily reduce the demand for natural gas by 15% during the coming winter, despite the fact that Hungary and Poland voted against the regulation, reports Reuters.

    Budapest, which is in talks to buy more gas from Russia, was alone in opposing the European Commission’s initiative last week, questioning the legality of EU rules that affect energy security of a nation.

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    Later, Warsaw joined the opposition in rejecting the final law even though it had supported the deal last week, calling it “faulty” the legal basis of the agreement. In addition, he argued that decisions that affect the energy mix of member states must be adopted with the unanimous approval of all countries.

    However, the opposition of the two nations did not prevent the plan, which needed the support of a reinforced majority of 15 countries to become law.

    According to the regulation adopted, the decrease in demand will be based on the average consumption of each of the Member States in the last five years. The measure will be in force between August 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

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    Source: RT

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