NewsGustavo Petro assures that it was a suicide

    Gustavo Petro assures that it was a suicide

    Oscar Davila was being investigated for his possible participation in illegal wiretping during the investigation of the theft of a briefcase with money. The president regretted what hpened and ruled out murder theories.

    Colombian Police Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Davila, allegedly involved in the illegal wiretping to Marelbys Meza, former nanny working for Laura Sarabia, former Chief of Staff for Colombian President Gustavo Petro, peared dead in Bogota, the Police reported this Friday.

    “We regret the death of Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Dario Davila Torres. Our solidarity with his relatives in this difficult moment,” the director of the Colombian Police, Major General William Salamanca, wrote on Twitter.

    The body of Davila, who worked in the Presidency of the Republic, was found in a vehicle in the Teusaquillo neighborhood and the authorities investigate the causes of death.

    The death of the senior officer occurred at a time when a judicial inquiry seeks to establish whether there were irregularities or abuse of power in the interrogation to which Meza was subjected, indicated as the author of the theft of a portfolio with money from Sarabia’s house.

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    After learning of Davila’s death, local media, reports EFE, reported that he had sent a letter to the Prosecutor’s Office in which he expressed his availability to be heard in an interview or interrogation to discuss the Meza case.

    “All of the above, specifically, has its genesis in the complaints and publications presented by Semana magazine that deal with the case of the head of the Presidential Office, Laura Sarabia, in which they allegedly link the Headquarters for Presidential Protection,” says the letter.

    However, the lawyer Miguel Angel del Rio, assured on his Twitter account that Lieutenant Colonel Davila told him on Thursday in a meeting that the Prosecutor’s Office they were threatening him.

    “Yesterday (Thursday) I met with Colonel Davila who sought me out to tell me that the Prosecutor’s Office was threatening him. They warned him that they would not stop ‘until blood was shed.’ Today he took his own life with his gun The Prosecutor’s Office is an infamous persecution,” said Del Rio.

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    Last week, the Colombian Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, reported that the Police illegally intercepted the phone of Meza, who said that she was questioned in the premises of the presidential palace as a suspect in the alleged theft of a briefcase with an indeterminate amount of money from the Sarabia’s house

    In this case, the Prosecutor’s Office will call for questioning and “in some cases all those responsible for these events will be called to charge” that involve “an alleged theft, practices that were denounced this week and that is added to something that is grotesque in the country, which is that the ‘chuzadas'”, as the illegal interceptions are known, “have returned to Colombia.

    Meza was illegally intercepted because her telephone number was tped by the Police using an investigation against the Clan del Golfo, the main criminal gang in the country, as a cover.

    For Petro, it was a suicide

    Colonel Oscar Davila, “assigned to the security of the Presidency of the Republic, has died by suicide,” said the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, through his Twitter account.

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    “It is not true that the colonel was found dead or that there were two shots in his body,” he added.

    Petro explained that Davila’s job in the Presidency “was to secure the places” where the president attended, taking into account that he is one of the most threatened men in the country.

    The president pointed out that Davila “sent his driver for a bottle of water near his house, he left his pistol on the seat and, when he returned, in front of him he committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple with the pistol he had left behind.” .

    He emphasized that “there are no more shots in the place” and that before committing suicide the officer “had received several calls from the press.”

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