NewsEuropeSpain Declares 10 Days of National Mourning for COVID-19 Victims

    Spain Declares 10 Days of National Mourning for COVID-19 Victims

    The present COVID-19 pandemic first indexed in Spain on the last day in January 2020 when a German tourist was confirmed positive within the Canary Islands. 

    The shutdown measure was consequently implemented on mid-March, 2020. And, by March 29, it was declared that with effect from March 30, all non essential workers should stay at home for at least 2 weeks. 

    Al Jazeera News reports that Spain has begun a formal 10-day memorial ceremony in honor of the thousands of persons whose lives were lost through coronavirus-related conditions.

    Beginning from, Wednesday this week, flags in all public-owned structures throughout Spain will fly at half-mast until June 5 in a bid to honor over 27,000 persons who have thus far lost their lives to COVID-19.

    Pedro Sanchez, Spanish Prime Minister, noted via his official Twitter handle that the memorial which would last exactly 10 days is the highest number of days designated for a national mourning in Spain, in which Spaniards will pay homage and freely express sorrow to those who have been killed by any coronavirus-related infection.

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    In the words of spokesperson, Maria Jesus Montero, the 10 days period of grief, which has been granted a go-ahead at an executive meeting on Tuesday, would also accommodate a solemn memorial service led by King Felipe VI, Spain’s Head of State,.

    Sequel to the executive meeting, Montero explained that the victims were persons who died untimely, leaving behind lovely family and friends in great distress, both from the unexpected loss and from the challenging circumstances in which it happened.

    80 percent of victims of the COVID-19 in Spain were over 70 years and they are mostly persons whose efforts were instrumental in the development of today’s Spain.

    Spain, where a nationwide lockdown was first implemented on March 14, is one of the countries worst hit with the coronavirus pandemic, coming fifth with the number of confirmed cases of infections and deaths.

    As of Wednesday, over 27,111 persons had died of covid-19, the infectious disease caused by the dreaded coronavirus . The overall incidence of known infections stands at over 236,000 and with over 146,000 recoveries.

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    Al Jazeera’s Marta Herrero reports that persons offering services as doctors, nurses or others in Spain’s medical industry have had a high coronavirus infection rate, with more than 20 percent infected out of the overall identified cases.

    In Tuesday’s edition of the weekly executive meeting, state authorities agreed to look at work incidents for every person who has been killed through an infection with COVID-19 in the health industry.

    Also, Anadolu Agency reports that state authorities also establish that exactly 231 persons were diagnosed with COVID-19 on Tuesday. This brings the overall number of confirmed infections in Spain to 236,769, the 5th highest incidence across the globe.

    However after over 60 days of one of the world’s toughest restrictions to movement orders, information from authorities indicate that the spread of coronavirus has been put under checks.

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    Also according to Fox News, Associated Press confirms that Spain is the only country around the world to declare a some number of days to mourn persons killed through coronavirus-related medical conditions, a kind of memorial service which Spain has never experienced since the country adopted the practice of democracy in 1978.

    It would be recalled that after the unfortunate death of Dictator General Francisco Franco in the mid 70’s, a month-long national holiday was announced. 

    Also, three days of national mourning were declared for dozens of persons killed in attack on Madrid passenger trains which Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility over in the first quarter of 2004.

    Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle reports that in a brief period of silence from the Zarzuela’s Palace in Madrid, the royalty and his immediate family wore black outfits and gathered themselves at the front of a Spanish flag that was among over 10,000 others flown at half-mast on public buildings across Spain

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