NewsEritreaEritrea condemns EU sanctions as "offensive" and "counterproductive"

    Eritrea condemns EU sanctions as “offensive” and “counterproductive”

    The Eritrean authorities have condemned Tuesday the sanctions imposed by the European Union against the National Security Office of the country and has called them “offensive” and “counterproductive”.

    In a statement, the African country’s Foreign Ministry has expressed its strong “rejection” of the resolution adopted by Brussels, which is part of a battery of sanctions imposed by the EU against the alleged commission of human rights abuses.

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    “The EU has no legal or moral prerogative to take the decision it has taken and to carry out this malicious act that specifically targets the Eritrean National Security Office,” the text states.

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    Thus, it has pointed out that Brussels has limited itself to “invoking fabricated accusations to harass Eritrea for other ulterior motives”. “In fact, the EU has been working tenaciously to save and bring back to power the (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) TPLF and to undermine the region’s own efforts to address the challenges and promote comprehensive and lasting cooperation,” he charged.

    In this regard, he has argued that the EU has particularly focused on Eritrea in its “futile attempt to drive a wedge” between the country and Ethiopia.

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    Bazezew Zerihun
    Bazezew Zerihun
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