NewsChinaChina sets sanctions on British following Western measures

    China sets sanctions on British following Western measures

    China announced sanctions on British individuals and entities on Friday after the United Kingdom joined the European Union and others in sanctioning Chinese officials accused of human rights violations in the Xinjiang region. The move was the first salvo in its latest response to Western criticism and sanctions.

    In a statement, China’s Foreign Ministry said the Western bloc’s move was based on nothing but lies and misinformation, blatant violations of international laws and basic norms of international government relations, grossly interferes with China’s internal affairs, and severely undermines China-UK relations.

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    The British ambassador to China has been summoned to appear in diplomatic protest, according to the statement. Sanctioned individuals and groups would be banned from visiting Chinese territory and would not be able to conduct financial transactions with Chinese citizens and institutions.

    At a daily press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying launched a series of accusations against the United States, the United Kingdom, allied nations and various Western media, noting that they have been collaborating to subvert China’s unity and development.

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    Sanctions against Chinese officials in relation to Xinjiang are part of an elaborate plan to destabilize the region and do not reflect a real concern for the rights of Muslims, Hu said, adding that Beijing’s response was necessary to defend China’s interests and dignity.

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    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
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