NewsAfricaLegislative in Senegal: the presidential camp loses its absolute majority

    Legislative in Senegal: the presidential camp loses its absolute majority

    The presidential camp lost the absolute majority in the National Assembly but remains in the lead by a very narrow lead after the legislative elections in Senegal, according to the provisional official results of the National Commission for the census of votes. The details in this edition with our correspondent Elimane Ndao, and the analysis of Babacar Ndiaye, director of research and publications of the WATHI think tank.

    Also in the headlines, in Kenya, despite repeated calls for calm for months, tension is mounting before the general elections on August 9 during which the population will choose its new president, as well as its deputies and other representatives. This Thursday, the vice-president candidate William Ruto held a press conference during which he explained to be aware of threats against his supporters. According to him, a disinformation campaign is at work to cause violence and make him lose the election. In Nairobi, Bastien Renouil explains the situation to us.

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    Finally, the UN confirms “attacks” by the Rwandan army in DR Congo. The Rwandan army has intervened in the east of the country in recent months, directly and in support of armed groups, according to a report by experts commissioned by the United Nations. Experts say Kigali also “provided troop reinforcements to the M23 for specific operations, particularly when these aimed to seize towns and strategic areas”. The March 23 Movement (M23) is a former Tutsi-dominated rebellion defeated in 2013, which took up arms again at the end of last year to demand the application of an agreement signed with Kinshasa.

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    Source: France 24

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