HealthLoire-Atlantique: several cases of avian flu detected

    Loire-Atlantique: several cases of avian flu detected

    Loire-Atlantique: several cases of avian flu detected

    The presence of bird flu virus was detected on gulls at La Turballe, in Loire-Atlantique, on Friday. The prefecture has set up a control zone.

    Several cases of avian flu have been detected at La Turballe, near La Baule (Loire-Atlantique), the prefecture announced this Saturday to our colleagues from France Blue. The virus was detected on herring gulls, which died the day before.

    A temporary control zone has been declared in the municipalities of La Turballe, Mesquer, Le Croisic, Guérande and Piriac-sur-Mer. This system provides that, in farms, animals must remain inside buildings or under nets, and movement must be kept to a minimum.

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    Do not touch or approach wild animals

    It is also advisable not to touch or feed wild animals in this area. You should not approach corpses either, and report dead individuals or individuals who appear to be sick to the French Office for Biodiversity.

    Cases of avian flu are regularly detected in France. This summer, this was the case in Alsace, in the Kintzheim eagle flight, or in the North, at the Fort-Mardyck zoo. The west of France was particularly this year, with millions of poultry slaughtered.

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    Source: BFM TV

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