NewsMiddle EastGaza authorities say Israel attacked Al Ahli hospital on Saturday

Gaza authorities say Israel attacked Al Ahli hospital on Saturday

The Ministry of Health of Gaza, controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), reported this Wednesday that the Israeli Army not only damaged the facilities of the Al Ahli hospital four days ago – hit once again the day before, but they also warned them that they had to be evacuated in case of possible new attacks.

The deputy minister of health of the enclave, Yusef Abu al Rish, said this Wednesday in a press conference that the attack on the hospital “was preceded by the bombing of two Israeli projectiles” last Saturday and a warning that the center should be evacuated.

Al Rish has said that the hospital management contacted the bishop of the Evangelical Church of England – the center was founded by the Anglican Church – who, after contacting international organizations, confirmed that they could continue operating. , according to a statement published on the website of the Gazan Ministry of Health itself.

“The occupation is threatening the hospitals and no dissuasive measures were taken, but rather messages of tranquility and support were received,” highlighted Al Rish, who assured that when he moved to the place after the attack on Tuesday to help treat The victims saw situations never seen before in their lives.

“The occupation has a voracious appetite, as the bombing of the hospital was followed by the bombing of the vicinity of the European Hospital in Gaza. We call on the free world to prevent the occupation from bombing safe civilians and causing serious harm to our afflicted people,” he claimed.

According to Gaza authorities, at least 500 people have died as a result of that attack. Meanwhile, Israel has disengaged and accused Islamic Jihad of being responsible for what happened, something that this party also denies. After this, the death toll from the Israeli Army’s bombings against the Strip has increased to more than 3,300.

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