EntertainmentWho is Emilio Sanchez, Chiquis Rivera's fiance and darling photographer of the...

    Who is Emilio Sanchez, Chiquis Rivera’s fiance and darling photographer of the stars?

    Almost 15 days after announcing her commitment to emilio sanchez, Chiquis Rivera He has not given many details of what is shaping up to be his second wedding, nor do we have so much information about the famous boyfriend in turn.

    Well, let’s remember that they have just over a year since they started dating, and precisely for this reason for many it is unknown. Even knowing more about him has not helped, the fact that he has kept a very low profile in front of the cameras.

    That’s exactly why we took on the task of investigating what he does and more. That’s why we bring you the details of the new conquest of the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera.

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    It turns out that despite the fact that in the eyes of the public Emilio Sanchez is practically unknown, in the world of entertainment it is the opposite.

    Since various media in Mexico have reported that he is known for being one of the most prestigious photographers of Latin stars, and who has Mexican roots, although he is a native of California.

    Just as they read it, it turns out that Emilio Sanchez has had stars like Becky G, Prince Royce and Natalia Barulich in front of his camera, among other artists.

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    But it has diversified, to the extent that its lens has also been available to stars in the sports world, such as the Mexican boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, the Mexican soccer player, Jonathan dos Santos, among others.

    It is known that he met Chiquis after being her director for the music video “I want to dawn with someone.” While, on his Instagram account, in which he has more than 150,000 followers, Sanchez describes himself as a photographer and cinematographer.

    And like his famous girlfriend, he tried his luck as an entrepreneur by opening Tacos AF restaurant in Los Angeles.

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    It was in a talk a few months ago with People en Espanol, where Chiquis opened up about what she feels for him.

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