EntertainmentSanta Belinda takes her moorings further: blesses sails with daring twerking in...

    Santa Belinda takes her moorings further: blesses sails with daring twerking in Mexico

    Santa Belinda takes her moorings further: blesses sails with daring twerking in Mexico

    Christian Nodal’s ex, Belindagoes from concert to concert with his “Freedom: Dance it Tour” 2022. The same that took her to Puebla in Mexico where singing his song”In the dark“, he approached some fans who tThey had some candles and he did a whole blessing ritual in the middle of the presentation.

    “The Queen of Moorings”This is how the interpreter of “toad“, Belinda. A few months ago she had left everyone with their jaws on the ground for her prayer of the mooringsyes, now the blessing of the candles in full concert during his tour of Mexico It has put her back in the eye of the hurricane. This is not to mention the daring outfit and twerking with which the temperature rose in Puebla.

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    The fans who carried the candles to the start of the stage were very excited to see how Belinda entered the game of the blessing of the candles.. The same ones that were passed over the forehead. But the enclosure fell apart when, Nodal’s ex turned her back and twerked in the best Rosalia style and La Bichota Carol G.with which her skirt was raised, revealing her rear guard and spectacular figure.

    Not only those present were suffering a myocardial attack. Social networks where already The images of Belinda both blessing the candles, like perreando hard in the best style of urban genre singer, they also exploded.

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    In 2022 Beli offered a concert in Guadalajara, Mexico. Let’s remember that, although the singer now resides in Spain since her break with Christian Nodalis in Mexico where he did much of his career and where his largest number of fans are concentrated. In that concert, she surprised him with his irony and humor when he sang a prayer for moorings

    Patron of the assholes **, queen of the moorings and the enchanted toad. I ask you to do a miracle for me so that they also get assfucked with me and have my name tattooed, amen”. Of course this is part of the mood of Belinda and a way of saying “In bad weather, a good face”. She clearly was not the one who came out on top in the finish with Nodal. Furthermore, with criticism or not, not only His exes like Lupillo Rivera have been tattooedhis fans have too.

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    It cannot be forgotten that she was accused of taking advantage and of having wanted to take advantage of the singer’s money. regional mexican to live a life of luxury. However, others and especially his most fervent fans say that Nodal was a macho. A story that in the end only those involved know and that has already been terminated.

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