EntertainmentRobert Pattinson joins the shooting team of Batman after recovery from Covid-19

    Robert Pattinson joins the shooting team of Batman after recovery from Covid-19

    The shoot for the movie ‘The Batman’ resumes after the lead actor of the film Robert Pattinson joined the team after recovering from Covid 19. Robert Pattinson examined positive for Covid 19 while performing for ‘The Batman’ movie in Glasgow. Now the team is shooting in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Liverpool is one of the hotspots where the rate of Covid 19 cases are high. The whole of Liverpool is subjected to Tier 3 lockdown. But the local authorities believe that the film production will not worsen the condition. The film office is working intimately with each creation house to guarantee the security of the residents. The nearby specialists are taking all the security measures to ensure that everybody stays safe. As the film production halted for two weeks, the release date is now shifted by Warner Bros to 4th March 2022. The film was initially going to release on 25th June 2021. Then it was delayed and moved to October. Now it is shifted to the coming year. The wait for DC fans is getting longer.

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    Today Parkinson, 34, was seen shooting with the rest of the cast members, John Turturro, Colin Farrell, and Zoe Kravitz, and many others on the direction of the director Matt Reeves. All of the cast and crew members are presently living inside the bio bubble to stop the spread of Covid 19. Also, all other safety measures like masks, gloves, sanitizers are given to all the members. All of the members are also maintaining social distancing while they are off-screen. It is not the only movie that has continued shooting during the pandemic. Many other movies and shows like Britain’s Got talent also continue to shoot after the initial hiccup.

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    After the release of photographs and videos, which shows that a part of the city of Liverpool as being turned into the Gotham. And Batman is riding on his motorcycle through the streets surrounded by Gotham police cars and vans; the residents raised the question of how film production was given a green signal when they are banned from socializing. No restaurant and pubs are seeing foods. A spokesperson from Liverpool city council reassured the residents that all the safety measures are being adhered to.

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    As we all know, the story is not a confusion of Ben Affleck’s character as Batman. There are multiple questions to be answered as the Batman movies are the DC cinematic universe’s flag bearers. After the success of the films directed by Christopher Nolan, will it be able to replicate the same? Only time will answer this question. There is also a big question will the ‘Twilight’ star Pattinson is capable of filling the shoes of Ben Affleck. And will the last year academy award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix make a surprise appearance in the movie? We all have to wait to get all the answers!

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