Entertainment"Raise crows and they will take out your eyes," Alfredo Adame said...

    “Raise crows and they will take out your eyes,” Alfredo Adame said about his children

    "Raise crows and they will take out your eyes," Alfredo Adame said about his children

    Alfredo Adame has been away from his sons Diego, Alejandro and Sebastian for a year, the result of his marriage of more than 20 years with actress Mary Paz Banquells, because the three young people decided to support their mother and not him. Although the actor came to say that he was willing to make peace with his children, a few days ago he said that he is no longer and even now made a strong statement against him.

    At a recent LGBT community event, the press asked Alfredo Adame about his relationship with his son Sebastian, who belongs to that community and whom he had supported before his estrangement, and in this regard, the actor said: “He did a lot of nonsense (Sebastian) and the est$%&$#% this molcajete legs, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, manipulated him along with his mother so that he would go on his show to say that I was homophobic and everything, when the only thing I did , and here there are people who know him, when he told me: ‘Dad, I’m homosexual’, I got up and said: ‘I love you, I adore you, I love you, I respect you, and whoever disrespects you, he broke the ma$#%’”.

    In the video of said interview, which the journalist Berenice Ortiz uploaded to her YouTube channel, Alfredo is heard sharing part of the problems he had with his youngest son, Sebastian, supposedly due to the influence of third parties and an interview that The young man said: “Once they did an interview with him and immediately they began to send me memes telling me: ‘You returned pu%$ to your son because you fucked him$%&#&’. I spoke to him and said: ‘Sebastian, what happened?’ ‘No, dad, it’s just that I gave an interview to a program…’ I told him: ‘Pe$#%&# of me#$%&, I told you not to talk about it, that if they asked you about your preferences, they would you said that you were not talking about that, that you were going to talk about your career as a chef, that you were going to talk about this and that… you are not the son of Juan de las Pitayas, you are the son of Alfredo Adame and they are going to start to annoy you”.

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    Later, they asked him if he is still open to a possible reconciliation with his children, as he had said last April, but he immediately said: “There is nothing, I am no longer open to anything. I broke there, I don’t know why I broke, with everything and that they were the ones who did the perversity, the evil and all the bad, when the only thing I did was give them life, give them affection, love, respect, give them abundance and give them wealth, and I got ‘raise crows and they’ll gouge out your eyes’”.

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    The also driver added how it was that at the time he tried to have a rapprochement with his children, which did not work: “I spoke to Sebastian: ‘Hey, Sebastian, I’m going to eat next Sunday at such a restaurant, it’s Father’s Day Father, if you want, I’ll invite you to eat’. And no, he came out saying that he was going to see the press and what cameras, and he never answered anything”.

    As a result of the above, he decided not to look for his children anymore, for which he stated: “So, it’s over, that was his last chance, I’m not going to take the initiative in anything at all.”

    This lawsuit has been so big that even a few days ago Alfredo said in an interview with the program ‘Come the joy weekend’ that he did not want his children to go to his funeral, and on this occasion he reiterated it: “The day I die my daughter will enter vanessa (As a result of his relationship with Maria Luisa Castillo, (RIP), who is my heir to everything; my grandchildren… and the people that I really consider my friends, they do not enter.)

    Let us remember that Alfredo Adame and Mary Paz Banquells They were married for more than 20 years, but they separated in 2017 in the midst of various problems that gave rise to a series of dimes and diretes between them, and as a result of that the actor began to have problems with his three children, being a year ago when he stated that he no longer considered them part of his blood and even considered taking them out of his will.

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    However, last April he said that he had sent them a message to make amends, because his then-girlfriend, Magaly Chavez, had insisted that he reconcile with his children. On that occasion Alfredo said that the one with whom it would be more difficult to have a rapprochement would be with Diegothe oldest of the three, because he had set a condition that had to do with his mother, which he was not willing to agree to.

    After the participation of Alfredo Adame in the reality show ‘I’m famous, get me out of here!’which won last June, the driver also said that although he was willing to reconcile, he would wait for his children to look for him, however, that did not happen and that is why he has now ruled out making peace with them.

    Source: La Opinion

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