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    Pablo Montero explodes against Julio Cesar Chavez after offering his help to overcome his addictions

    After Julio Cesar Chavez offer his help to Paul Montero to overcome his problems with alcohol by inviting him to his rehab clinic, the singer he reacted annoyed and sent a strong response in which he made it clear that no one has the right to judge him or speak for him.

    During a meeting with the media in Mexico City, the protagonist of the TelevisaUnivision series ‘El Ultimo Rey’ expressed how grateful he is for having received great job opportunities, since during 2022 he participated in very important projects within the acting, in music and closed with a tour of 50 concerts in several countries.

    “I am very grateful to God, I am very well personally and I am very calm, focused on work, on my exercise routine, on everything I am doing. It is a great responsibility to give a good show to the public”, he said.

    As for the therapies he took to overcome his addiction problems, he stressed that he agreed to resort to them to overcome a complicated stage from which he learned a lot, but he is now behind.

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    “That already happened. It helped me a lot and everything was very good, these are things you learn. Everything that is to learn to improve your person or your state of mind so that you are a happy personany course you take will always be welcome”, he commented.

    However, when questioned about the invitation he received a few days ago from former boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, Montero reacted annoyed, emphasizing that no one has the right to comment on his life and he is the only one who can talk about what it happens to him

    “That already happened, I do not want to talk about that. What I have to tell you is that I am very happy, I have a lot of work, so whoever has to say can say, the only one who has the last word is me, nobody can speak for me, I am the one who has to say it and here I am showing my face. No one, absolutely no one, has an opinion about me or about what I have or should not be. I show my face whenever something happens and I say it, “she said.

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    Due to the continuous opinions he receives, the interpreter of “Piquito de Oro” asked that, if they are very worried about him, they look for him directly.

    “But no matter who says mass, no one can judge you or give an opinion for you, or speak for you, the only one who can say is one because no one, everyone is going to be giving an opinion, so if they want to help me, they can come here, introduce themselves and come and help me, but here the one who takes the first step is me, here nobody helps me”, he added.

    Finally, he emphasized that he has always come out of his problems or setbacks of his own free will, so no one has to lead him by the arm.

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    “I do my things, no one has to come and If you are very interested, then come and look for me., but I am not going to accept any comments from anyone because I have always shown my face, I have never hidden myself and I always accept when I am wrong, I accept it and when I have something nice to tell them I say it. But that’s life and that’s how I am frank and that’s how it is, the net as it is and I’m physically fine, training a lot and on a diet, “she pointed out.

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    Source: La Opinion

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