EntertainmentHow much is the juicy fortune of the singer Jose Luis Rodriguez...

    How much is the juicy fortune of the singer Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma”

    After a break from the spotlight, the Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma” He returned to the stage as a judge in the Argentine reality show “Sing with me now”. However, this is just one of the various projects in which he has participated and that have catapulted him internationally.

    Let us remember that the interpreter of “I have the right to be happy” It was characterized as one of the best-selling and most listened to artists during the 80s.a fact that led him to amass a great fortune.

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    Not only did he have the opportunity to move from his native Venezuela to settle in Miami, where He bought a luxurious mansion as soon as he separated from his first wife Lila Morilloalso traveled around the world thanks to his music.

    It should be noted that for Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma” the stage of his divorce was a difficult stage in the emotional aspect, also economically.

    I wasted my fortune and my fortune was my time. I wasted my fortune on nonsense and it seems that you are slippingbut you don’t realize it, you slip into a frivolous and competitive world”, he detailed in an interview.

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    However, he managed to save part of his fortune, because according to the Celebrity Networth portal, the famous singer today accumulates 40 million dollarsa juicy figure considering his 79 years of age.

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    Source: La Opinion

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