EntertainmentChristian Nodal announces a new song he had recorded with Belinda |...

    Christian Nodal announces a new song he had recorded with Belinda | VIDEO

    Christian Nodal announces a new song he had recorded with Belinda | VIDEO

    Christian Nodal It is about to be a year since he separated from Belinda. And precisely for this reason, the release of his new song becomes relevant, which this time he did in collaboration with Tini, since he could no longer continue the project that was destined to premiere with his ex-fiancee.

    As you read it, after several years, we will finally listen to “For the rest of your life”, a song that Christian Nodal and Belinda assured that they would launch in February 2022 to commemorate the month of love and friendship.

    But instead they released a series of statements in which they revealed their love break, almost a year after this, the song will come out, but with the voice of the Argentine Tini.

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    The first minutes of this Tuesday, January 24, had barely passed when Christian Nodal shared on his social networks the next release of the song “For the rest of your life”Same as the one born in Caborca, Sonora apparently wrote when he fell in love with Belinda.

    Although in said release, Nodal does not give more details about when we will be able to listen to this song, It can be seen that the interpreter of “De los besos que te di” has everything ready, even up to the official video where Tini Stoessel appears in a white dress.

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    Neither Nodal nor Tini’s voice can be heard in said publication, because they hope that it will be a surprise how this new version is heard.

    Despite the fact that many are taken by surprise that Nodal releases the song that he was initially going to release with Belinda, the regional Mexican performer himself announced in April 2022 that “For the rest of your life” was going to come out.

    It was during a live broadcast that Christian Nodal answered the question to his fans who asked him if he was going to bring up the topic “For the rest of your life”.

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    Faced with the doubts of his thousands of followers, Nodal assured that said song that he planned to record with Belinda was going to be released, but instead it will be the Argentine singer Tini who will collaborate with the one born in Caborca, Sonora.

    It should be noted that in the first New Year that Nodal and Belinda spent together they surprised his followers singing this song a capella from the Acapulco house that the blonde has, said song they assured it would be released as a single, but this never happened.

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