EntertainmentChristian Estrada is accused by Ferka, mother of his son, of emotionally...

    Christian Estrada is accused by Ferka, mother of his son, of emotionally violating her

    After several weeks of speculation, Maria Fernanda Quirosbetter known as Ferka, announced the end of his romantic relationship with Christian Estradawho was accused of exercising emotional violence.

    In recent days, speculation about the separation of Christian Estrada and the mother of his son had attracted attention on social networks, but tired of the defamation and versions that have emerged, Maria Fernanda Quiros decided to break the silence to clarify the reasons that led her to separate from Frida Sofia’s ex.

    It was during a segment of the “Hoy” program where Ferka explained that she decided to make her reasons public in order to take care of her well-being, but mainly that of her one-year-old son.

    “Girls, the only thing I can tell you is that pay attention every time you see a red light, I did not know how to set limits on time, I did not do it. When you’re in the relationship you don’t see it, when you start to move away little by little it’s much easier. I was never going to allow myself to be transgressed physically, verbally, or emotionally. And that’s when I said that I love myself very much and no more, “he said.

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    Through tears, he explained that during his relationship he allowed some things because he imagined that it could work, until he experienced a particular situation that made him see that he could not continue to allow that treatment from the father of his son.

    “Although I loved this person very much, because I chose him as the father of my son, and I thank him for that because I have the most beautiful thing, but in the end I have to set limits because I love myself, but I got confused. I bet, I fell in love, I mowed down and I didn’t like it. I decided to put this stop because there is violence… the emotional one is very difficult because we remain silent out of grief and because of what they will say, ”he added.

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    She affirmed that she dares to raise her hand so that her experience serves other women, and “please do not leave each other”, in addition to confessing that she was silent because she was excited about the family they were forming and came to think that they could solve situations as a couple. , but finally it was not achieved.

    Aware that the important thing is to stop and not allow more defamation, she also shared a statement on her social networks in which she asks women to never allow themselves to be denigrated.

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    “Women, let us always remember that nothing and no one under any circumstances should attack your values, your integrity, your intelligence, your value and your self-esteem. There are many of us who fight every day to be better human beings and there are more of us who strive for the people we love, drawing strength from the heart and love”, reads the document.

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