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    Chiquis Rivera confesses that she had a relationship with a woman and claims to be bisexual | VIDEO

    The story is already years old, since I lived Jenni Rivera, but barely made it public. Singer Chiquis Riveradaughter of the “Band Diva”made a revelation about his sexual life in previous years and this includes having shared that he had a relationship with another woman, that his mother did not agree and therefore had to end it.

    The revelation is observed in a fragment of an interview that circulates on social networks, where Chiquis is asked if she has ever kissed a girl and, After taking a drink of two alcoholic beverages that he had on the table, he affirms that he will speak honestly to recognize an episode in his life: “If I’ve kissed a girl and had a girlfriend, I was with her for a year.”

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    The confession happened between nervous laughs, but Chiquis was also convinced to share that part of her story, and above all to show that she enjoyed and is sure of what happened.

    Chiquis added that at the time she had a relationship she needed someone to stimulate her mind., and that was precisely what he received from the girl. But not only what Chiquis felt mattered, but the pressure of her mother was important when making the next decision.

    “My mother did not agree, although she was open-minded, it was very traditional because the whole family is Christian and she said that she did not want that for her daughter”Chiquis shared.

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    “Then I broke up with her, but I have always said that I am 20% gay, that is the truth”the singer asserted.

    In the video that has been shared on digital platforms, the regional Mexican singer was very careful not to reveal the identity of the girl. Chiquis now has a relationship with her boyfriend Emilio, there has even been talk that they could go down the aisle.

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