EntertainmentChiquis Rivera carries a baby and they ask her on Instagram to...

    Chiquis Rivera carries a baby and they ask her on Instagram to become a mom soon

    Chiquis Rivera carries a baby and they ask her on Instagram to become a mom soon

    Chiquis Rivera continues unstoppable working with his Queen Bee Tour. The singer was fulfilling some professional commitments and, to everyone’s surprise, a fan approached with a baby in her arms. same as the daughter of Jenni Rivera He charged immediately unleashing emotional comments from his fans. As it was expected, they did not stop asking that she become a mom soon.

    “You Luce”, “Avientate Chiquis, You raised your brothers”, “It’s your turn. Do not let the train pass you by”, “Chiquis we are dying to see you become a mother”, “You will be a great mother as Jenni was” and “Do not forget that she is already the mother of her brothers“, while carried the baby who walked like a cowboy dressed in a hat, boots and even jeans. Of course, everyone sent one of the wishes they love the most for the Queen bee: see her pregnant and become a mother. This is something that Chiquis Rivera had put on hold during her marriage to Lorenzo Mendez and subsequent divorce.

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    Nevertheless, Jenni Rivera’s daughter has more than a year of relationship with the photographer of Becky G and audiovisual producer emilio sanchez. In fact, a while ago she confessed that, although she was not actively looking for a baby, she had stopped taking care of herself and that this could happen at any time.

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    However, even though Chiquis Rivera has not given that good news, it cannot be denied that it is something that many expect. It is also true that the Queen bee He currently has an agenda that hardly gives him respite and there are few moments that he has free. It is also speculated that it comes with new projects including an audiovisual one.

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