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    Quality of life, economy and affordability: what are the 10 best and worst states to live in the US in 2022

    If this year you are thinking of moving or you simply have the doubt if the place where you live is your best option, an investigation carried out by WalletHub can help answer your questions, through the list with The best and worst states to live in 2022 in the United States.

    The firm specializing in personal finance took into consideration 52 habitability indicators to compare the 50 states of the country and rank them from best to worst.

    Some of the indicators that WalletHub took into account were housing costs, the growth of the income of its inhabitants, the rate of education and its hospital coverage, among others.

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    WalletHub explained that it is not easy to balance the conditions to compare one state with another, especially when you have territories as diverse as Alaska and Floridaao the midwestern regions against the coasts.

    All states have advantages and disadvantagesalthough some offer better overall conditions to become or remain one of their residents.

    Each of the five great dimensions had a maximum value of 20 points until 100 were added; According to the score they obtained, the study ranked them from 1 to 50.

    1. Massachusetts: 62.65 points
    2. New Jersey: 62.01 points
    3. New York: 60.64 points
    4. Idaho: 58.73 points
    5. Virginia: 58.73 points
    6. New Hampshire: 58.25 points
    7. Florida: 58.07 points
    8. Wyoming: 58 points
    9. Minnesota: 57.99 points
    10. Wisconsin: 57.92 points

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    41. West Virginia: 46.84 points
    42. Kentucky: 46.39 points
    43. Alabama: 45.61 points
    44. Oklahoma: 43.82 points
    45. South Carolina: 43.80 points
    46. New Mexico: 42.51 points
    47. Arkansas: 42.42 points
    48. Louisiana: 41.74 points
    49. Alaska: 40.93 points
    50. Mississippi: 39.77 points

    For this dimension, the costs of living, the price of housing, family income, the number of homeowners and average annual real estate taxes were taken into account.

    The unemployment rate, the poverty rate and the gap between the families with the highest purchasing power and those with the lowest purchasing power were measured.

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    Time spent in the car for a trip, quality of mobility infrastructure, access to walking and cycling trails, air quality, and weather were all taken into account.

    Assessment of the public educational and hospital network, life expectancy of residents and the rate of premature deaths.

    Rates of violent crime, property crime, traffic fatalities, and the number of law enforcement officials were analyzed.

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    Source: La Opinion

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