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    Price of the dollar today August 16: how much does it cost in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Venezuela

    The exchange day on Tuesday remains positive for the US currency against most of its peers, given a rise in risk aversion globally.

    Today the Mexican peso is still below the 20 barrier and is depreciating, starting the day at an average price of 19.88 pesos per dollar unit. At the bank window, the dollar drops to 19.66 pesos per dollar for purchase and 20.08 pesos per dollar for sale.

    The previous week the Mexican peso had a streak of 5 positive sessions, with an advance of up to 2.36%.

    in the Honduran market today the dollar trades at an average of 24.60 lempiras per unit of greenback. The average range of the dollar remains between 24.40 lempiras for purchase and a maximum of 24.80 for sale, with an upward trend for the US currency.

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    In Nicaragua, the dollar is trading today at an average price of 35.90 cordobas per dollar unit. For buying and selling, the day’s range moves between 35.81 cordobas and 36 cordobas per dollar, respectively.

    In Costa Rica, the average price of the dollar is 667.04 colones per unit of greenback. In Costa Rican banks, the dollar price range is 666.33 for purchase and 667.75 colones per dollar for sale.

    In the Dominican Republic, the exchange rate is 53.98 DOP per dollar unit. The price for the purchase and sale of the dollar against the Dominican peso is calculated at 53.81 and 54.15 DOP per dollar unit, respectively.

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    In Venezuela, the official dollar rate given by the central bank is 5.97 bolivars per dollar unit; and the average for the purchase and sale of the dollar against the bolivar ranges between 5.96 bolivars per dollar and 5.97 bolivars per green currency.

    You can follow in real time the exchange rate of the dollar against other emerging currencies:
    – Mexico: price of the peso in Mexican banks
    – Honduras: exchange rate in real time
    – Nicaragua: price of the dollar in real time
    – Dominican Republic: exchange rate in real time
    – Costa Rica: price of the dollar in real time
    – Venezuela: price of the dollar in real time

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    Likewise, for remittances you can compare the prices of the dollar to transfer money from the United Statescompare with different remittance companies: Table to compare prices.

    The cryptocurrencies begin the day this Tuesday with appreciation: Price of cryptocurrencies.

    Source: La Opinion

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