BusinessLong Covid can put the US economy in check: it would cost...

    Long Covid can put the US economy in check: it would cost $3.7 trillion dollars

    Long Covid can put the US economy in check: it would cost $3.7 trillion dollars

    Much is still unknown about Long Covid, chronic illness resulting from a COVID-19 infection. In fact, youIt is also often called long-distance Covid syndrome, post-Covid or acute post-Covid.

    However, in all cases detected in people, the symptoms they suffer from can be different and difficult for doctors to diagnose, but the worst thing is that they can prevail for months or perhaps even years.

    The high point of the Long Covid is that it already affects about 23 million Americans and according to some financial experts to deal with it, the nation’s economy could need up to $3.7 trillion dollars, an amount similar to that implied by the Great Recession.

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    According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, up to 30% of Americans who contract COVID-19 have developed prolonged symptoms over the little more than three years that the pandemic has been present in the country.

    In a recently released report, Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development and dean of Baylor College of Medicine, revealed the seriousness of a problem that is only just beginning to come to light.

    “There are a large number of people affected. This could be a game changer in terms of how we do medical practice, in the same way that HIV/AIDS was a game changer.“said the doctor.

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    For people affected by Long Covid, it could mean that health insurance refrains from covering the expenses that the disease implies, which would hardly allow them to access disability benefits and in a short time, perhaps this would also cause them to lose their savings for retirement. In short, this would be a serious problem, since there would be no one to blame.

    In a report prepared last July, David Cutler, an economist at Harvard University, warns that the Long Covid and its damages would imply $3.7 trillion dollars to the country’s economy, without taking into account the cases that would arise. .

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    In addition to the medical expense that it will imply for people, the loss of their income and the reduction of their quality of life, are from this moment issues that the government will have to face.

    Mental fog, migraine, fatigue, anxiety, depression, body aches, headache, palpitations, shortness of breath, sleep disorders or insomnia, may be any of the up to 200 symptoms related to Long Covid, which by the way is not all doctors can diagnose.

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