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    A Google engineer found out about his dismissal after the death of his mother: he is still “grateful”

    Like other Big Tech companies, Google also announced at the beginning of the year laying off more than 12,000 employees, 6% of its workforceAccording to the company, the cut measures are the product, among other things, of the economic uncertainty that the country is experiencing and the possible recession on the horizon.

    Since the announcement of his decision, many former Google employees now use the various social media platforms and media outlets to express themselves about it, some detail how they found out about their layoffs and others thank the company for the time they worked with them. Such is the case of software engineer Tommy York who spoke about his experience on his LinkedIn profile.

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    According to York, he began working at the Alphabet-owned company in December 2021. However, a few months after joining his mother is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During that time, the engineer said that it was very difficult for him to work, between his mother’s medical care and his responsibilities at Google.

    “Joining Google is challenging, there’s a lot of ‘just figure it out.’ It was even more difficult when I was also dealing with my mom’s chemotherapy appointments, moving her in with my family, or the last extremely challenging months of her life,” the former employee wrote.

    The engineer pointed out that his mother unfortunately died in December of last year and for that reason he requests a bereavement license, however upon returning to work four days later, he realizes that he had been part of the group of laid off employees.

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    Finding out about this situation for York was like a “slap in the face, like being hit when you’re depressed”, although he does not regret at any time having been there when his mother needed him most.

    In his LinkedIn account, he expressed that there will always be opportunities to develop professionally in companies of the level of Google, “but a father only dies once and I am grateful to have been there and not working too much for a company that could decide on a Friday my dismissal” . Although the dismissal was so surprising and unexpected for the engineer, he is grateful for the “generous severance package,” he said.

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    Like Tommy York, many other former employees have received the news in not the best of circumstances; among them a couple who had paternity leave and a woman who had just given birth.

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