Business53,000 Jetson Rogue skateboards recalled after death of two sisters in US

    53,000 Jetson Rogue skateboards recalled after death of two sisters in US

    The Jetson Rogue brand announced the immediate recall of 53,000 skateboards self-balancing machines that have been sold throughout the United States, due to a potential fire hazard.

    The electric skateboard brand and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the immediate recall tAfter a confirmed case in which two sisters died.

    In the report, Jetson Rogue called on all the people who bought these skateboards to stop using them immediately, as well as not to charge them, because the chances of catching fire are increased.

    New York-based Brooklyn-based Jetson Electric Bikes LLC has launched an intensive campaign to contact all buyers of those with records, to alert them to the fire hazards associated with skateboarding.

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    The recall campaign became massive and public through a joint statement with the CPSC, after it was confirmed that a 10-year-old girl and her 15-year-old sister died during a fire that, according to reports from the authorities, could have started with a 42-volt Jetson Rogue skateboard.

    This event occurred on April 1, 2022 in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, the CPSC detailed in the product recall statement.

    According to the Hellertown fire report, the fire that started, apparently on a Jetson Rogue skateboard, spread throughout the house and put the lives of the parents of the minors who died at risk.

    According to the CPSC, the Pennsylvania case has not been the only one that has occurred related to fire originating from a Jetson Rogue skateboardalthough it was the only one known with fatalities.

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    “There have been numerous other reports of burned, sparking or melting scooters/hoverboard recalls, several of which involved reports of flames,” the statement detailed.

    The CPSC provided details of the skateboards that are being recalled so consumers can quickly identify them and stop using them.

    These are Jetson Rogue brand skateboards with two wheels on the sides and an illuminated lidwhich were sold in red, blue, black, pink and purple colors, on a black plastic platform.

    These devices have a three-node charging port, which is located to the left of the power button.

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    The skateboards that are being recalled were sold at all Target stores in the country between 2018 and 2019, as well as in the Jetson online store, between 2019 and 2021.

    Affected consumers can request a full refund from Jetson Rogue and should follow their county’s recycling procedures to dispose of affected lithium-ion batteries.

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