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    Your Mac hides a secret document: what it is and how you can find it

    Recently, Mac computers have been discovered to have a secret Bitcoin Whitepaper document. This finding was made by Andy Baio, a technology expert, who discovered it on his own computer.

    The Bitcoin Whitepaper is the founding document of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It was published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. and describes the operation of the Bitcoin payment and transaction system. Since then, the document has been a key element in the development and adoption of cryptocurrency.

    Baio’s discovery was surprising, since Mac computers have not previously been reported to contain this document. Apparently, the Bitcoin Whitepaper is located in a hidden folder in the operating system of Mac computers.

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    The fact that the Bitcoin Whitepaper is on Mac computers has generated a lot of interest among the cryptocurrency community. This has led to some speculation as to whether Apple has any relationship with Bitcoin or has been involved in the development of the cryptocurrency.. However, at the moment, no evidence has been found to support these theories.

    In any case, Baio’s discovery is important because it indicates that the Bitcoin Whitepaper is available to a wider audience than previously believed. This means that more people will be able to access the information they need to understand how Bitcoin works and potentially contribute to its development and adoption in the future.

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    Those who wish to access the document in order to review it have two alternatives:. The first one is do it from the Fider when accessing the storage unit to later open the folder identified as “System”.

    Once this is done, the user must enter the “Decives” and “Resources” folders, where he will find a document in PDF format called “simpledoc.pdf”.

    The other option is to copy and paste the following code, file:///System/Library/Image%20Capture/Devices/, directly into the terminalin such a way that the location of the file is opened without the need to navigate between the different folders of the computer’s system.

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