TechnologyYou might be surprised by all the personal data that X collects...

    You might be surprised by all the personal data that X collects about you

    Like other social networks, X has been collecting a wide range of personal data from its users for years. Data ranging from basic profile information to more sensitive details such as biometric data, work and academic histories. The worrying thing is that many of the users of this platform were unaware until recently of the scope of this data collection.

    However, the situation took a significant turn because X recently modified its privacy policy. These changes have brought to light the surprising amount of personal information that the social network has access to.

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    Many users have realized that X is in possession of much more than they could have imagined, and this revelation has raised significant concerns about online privacy.

    The reason behind this modification in the privacy policy is even more disturbing. X has claimed that it needs this additional data to improve and train its Artificial Intelligence (AI) models.. This justification raises a number of important questions about how this data will actually be used and whether user privacy boundaries will be respected.

    Although X has stated that it will not use information contained in private messages for its AI training purposes, the lack of transparency and adequate oversight poses a real risk. Users have legitimate reasons to be concerned about the security of their personal data and how it will ultimately be used.

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    The lack of solid restrictions andAmbiguity in X’s privacy policies makes it difficult to trust that the company will adequately protect the privacy of its users.

    In this context, Users should be aware of the risks associated with collecting personal data and carefully consider how they wish to interact with this platform. and what information they are willing to share. Online privacy is a crucial issue, and users must be informed and proactive to protect their personal data in an increasingly complex digital environment.

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