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    Why LG is developing televisions, washing machines and refrigerators that monitor their owners’ sleep hours

    LG reported that it is working together with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup Asleep to create devices that are capable of detecting when their users are sleeping. The applications that the South Korean company hopes to develop include televisions, washing machines, and refrigerators..

    The idea of ​​working together with Asleep is explained by taking into account that it is a company specialized in keeping track of people’s sleep stages. To do this, they use microphones that are close to the person, either from smart TVs or smartphones, in such a way that they can capture the sound of the users’ breathing. It is precisely this technology that LG hopes to include soon in the entire line of devices for the home.

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    LG’s objective is that by managing to collect data related to the hours of sleep of its users, your devices will be able to work automatically based on that information so as not to disturb people’s sleep.

    They suggest that an example of this type of application could be seen in the case of air conditioners, which detect that the person is sleeping could change the temperature so that it adjusts to the stage of sleep you are in, so that you enjoy a more restful sleep. While other LG products such as its line of air purifiers could choose to turn off if it detects that the person is no longer awake.

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    Both Asleep and LG are expected to be part of the companies that will present their technological products and services during the next edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2023 Las Vegas to be held during the first days of January. It is possible that both will show the public some of the products that will arrive during 2023 that include this type of technology.

    What is confirmed is that Asleep will show the API of its sleep monitoring system while showing the collaborations it has made with other companies besides LG.

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    For its part, LG is expected to display some of the latest products from its line for the home, which includes refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, and state-of-the-art dishwashers with a minimalist appearance, during the event.

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