TechnologyWhite House extends Huawei ban for another One Year

    White House extends Huawei ban for another One Year

    President Donald Trump extends ban for another one year on Huawei and ZTE Corp. (Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer) till May 2021. The white house issued its executive order almost a year ago, as the US claimed that the companies pose a potential security risk. From this action Huawei phones still can’t be able to use Google products like Google play store, Maps, YouTube, and its new coronavirus tracking technology.

    Although Huawei still been allowed to work with some US companies. It covers areas like 5G connectivity and other networking equipment.  For this the US Commerce Department had issued temporary license extension so far. But organizations like CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), the trade association for the wireless industry, want a permanent extension.

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    Huawei is the second-largest smartphone maker globally. It offers telecommunications equipment providing 5G network technology and sells electronics and smartphones. Being founded in 1987, it generates a revenue of $122.97 billion according to 2019 statistics.

    This license extension agreement will again allow US companies to keep doing business with Huawei.  But they can’t use the Android Operating system and Google products as mentioned earlier. As we all know this forced China to build its own Operating system, Harmony OS. And this ban extension will further push Huawei to create its own app ecosystem.

    Interestingly in March, Huawei announced its HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) as an alternative to Google Play Services, which has reached 400 million, active users. Along with 1.3 million developers working together.

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    Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE will continuously no longer sell their products in the US or work with companies like Google and ARM (British software Design Company) for software and hardware related work.

    Reason of Huawei Ban

    The reason for this ban varies, but the US government has claimed the problem of security with the company and alleged that Huawei technology conducts espionage for China against US citizens. The company could “maliciously modify or steal information,” and “conduct undetected espionage” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. This claim has been repeatedly denied by Huawei.

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    The Trump administration use the executive order to ban companies that pose a national security risk. The order called the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, gives the president the authority to regulate commerce during a national emergency.

    This is bad news for those who are waiting for a positive response. Now there is no chance for Huawei to regain its Android license for at least one year. But now Huawei sharpen their focus on creating their own digital ecosystem and looks like they will not go back to use Google products. Let’s see, time is the best decider, Hope for BEST.

    Alex Dawit
    Alex Dawit
    Alex Dawit is Journalist of the Awutar. He had completed his graduation in Journalism and Communication, Pakistan. He is passionate about News, Blogging & Research Writing. You can contact him via: [email protected]


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