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    WhatsApp: Transferring your chats will no longer be a headache with this new function

    WhatsApp continues to develop features designed to make life easier for its users, this time through a new system that will allow migrate chats between two phones without the need to resort to backup copies.

    According to reports from WaBetaInfo, the beta version of the Android application has a new function that makes it easier to carry out this process without having to create a backup copy of the files in the cloud, as WhatsApp currently requires.

    With the new feature, users will only have to scan a QR code with their new phone, which will speed up the entire process. This is essential for those people who for one reason or another are forced to buy a phone and then find themselves needing to transfer all their chats to the new device.

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    The new method, which It is not known when it could reach the stable version of WhatsAppis a radical change from the way content migration is done today, as you must first select where you want to create and store a backup of all messages and files both sent and received.

    According to the screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo, users will have to download WhatsApp on their new device and then scan the code that will appear on the screen of their old phone. This is similar to the pairing process that must be carried out when using the web version of WhatsApp.

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    At the moment it is unknown if this function is also available in the trial version of iOS and if WhatsApp plans to make it available on this operating system in the future. This is because it is common for many of the new features to arrive on Android first and after a while to iOS.

    This feature comes shortly after the messaging app presented the multi-device option that allows you to use the same WhatsApp account from more than one phone simultaneously as we explained above.

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    This is extremely practical for those people who have more than one telephone number, since in this way they can keep all their files and conversations on the same computer.

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