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    WhatsApp launches personal chat: how to send messages to yourself with the new function

    WhatsApp launches personal chat: how to send messages to yourself with the new function

    WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allows users to send messages to their own phone number in such a way that they can have a private personal chat in which they can store messages, photos, or even audios.

    At the moment, as with other new features in WhatsApp, the new feature is in a testing phase. That is why only a limited number of users can currently use it.

    However, from the application itself they announced that the function will reach the rest of the hundreds of millions of WhatsApp users in the coming weeks, as they update their equipment.

    According to reports from WaBetaInfo, a web portal dedicated to WhatsApp updates and new features, lThe application had been working on this feature since mid-October, when it was incorporated into the beta version of the app.

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    In order to use the function and also send messages, users only have to enter the application and press the corresponding button to create a new chat. At this point, if they have the feature enabled on their phones, they will be able to see that the first “contact” listed is theirs, and pressing it will automatically create the conversation.

    Until now many users used some alternatives to be able to have this type of private chateither. one of them was create a group with just one more member besides them, which after creating the chat they proceeded to eliminate.

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    In this way they managed to have a chat in which to make notes or save multimedia files.

    Others, for their part, opted for use the chats of contacts who had previously blocked. This allowed the other person not to receive all the messages that the user sent to that chat.

    It must also be taken into account that, as has happened with other functions that have come to WhatsApp in the last year, this feature was already present in Telegram.

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    However, in your case the function is directly known as “Saved Messages” and they allow you to send any type of file, whether text or multimedia, without having to resort to creating a special chat. In the same way, Telegram users can choose to forward messages or files from other chats to their saved messages without any inconvenience.

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