TechnologyWhatsApp communities: what they are and how they can be configured

    WhatsApp communities: what they are and how they can be configured

    WhatsApp officially presented “Communities”, a new function developed with the aim of improving the management of groups within the app of messaging in a way to be able to group the chats more efficiently.

    This new feature will allow WhatsApp users to group chats according to their topics so that if they have multiple groups, for example work groups, they can all be found under the same community.

    With thisor in addition to facilitating the organization of chats, users can choose between sending a message to a group or directly to all groups that make up your community, thus saving time and effort.

    “For example, we believe that the Communities option will make it easier for a school principal to share important updates with all parents, and create separate groups for specific classes, extracurricular activities or educational needs. volunteering,” the company said in early October.

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    To configure the communities, the user only has to access the application and press the corresponding button. This will take you to a new screen where you can organize, create, and delete as many communities as you like.

    It must be remembered that this is not the first mention of this feature as in April of this year WhatsApp had already reported that it was working on it. Until now “Communities” were only available to a select group of test users through the beta version of WhatsApp.

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    However, from now on that will change since the function can be used by all users of the app. The only requirement to have this feature is to have the most recent version of WhatsApp.

    Meta is also working to allow users to create polls directly from WhatsApp., something that is already possible on Telegram. Other changes that are also coming to WhatsApp is the ability to make video calls with up to 32 participants, as well as the increase in the maximum number of users in a group, which went from 512 to 1024 users.

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    All these changes are also due to WhatsApp’s interest in equating itself to Telegram, which in addition to being its biggest competitor in the segment of mobile messaging applicationsalso usually presents new features in advance that months or even years later arrive on WhatsApp.

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