TechnologyWhatsApp 2023: how the fixed messages that could arrive this year work

    WhatsApp 2023: how the fixed messages that could arrive this year work

    WhatsApp constantly releases updates as part of its process to incorporate new features and tools that facilitate the communication of its hundreds of millions of users around the world.

    In order to support this process from WaBetaInfo, a website specialized in reporting the latest WhatsApp releases, posted a conceptual idea of ​​what could become a new feature of the app. This is a new button that would allow you to pin a message in a personal chat so that it is always on the screen when you open the conversation.

    “As shown in this screenshot, we can see the pin action within the context menu of a message. When the pin action is selected, the message is pinned to the top of the conversation and stays there until someone else removes it.

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    When a pinned message is selected, WhatsApp will highlight the original message to make it easier to locate within the conversation. This function makes it easy for users to quickly access and refer to important messages within a conversation, so we believe it is very important to implement it”, they say from WaBetaInfo to explain how the proposed function would work.

    The new feature is expected to work in a similar way to how pinned messages do on Twitter. However, it is necessary to clarify that it is only a proposal and therefore it is not something that has to come to fruition.

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    Both WhatsApp and Meta, its parent company, have not confirmed whether they plan to develop this idea and put it into practice. so be it in a beta version of the application.

    During the course of 2022, WhatsApp added a large number of functionalities to its application.among which are the power continue listening to voice notes sent by contacts while the user is using a different chat.

    This came several months after the feature was made available to both Android and iOS users, in what represents a common way of acting for WhatsApp. The application usually adopts this strategy to be able to polish the details of its updates and make sure that these are integrated without any problem.

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