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    What are the best apps to know the air quality in your city at all times

    In today’s era, where air quality is a growing concern, having applications that provide us with accurate information on air pollution in our city has become essential. Fortunately, there are several mobile applications that allow us to know the air quality at all times and take measures to protect our health. Here are some of the best apps available:

    Developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency, AirNow is a trusted application that allows users to search for air quality levels by zip code.. It also provides nationwide fire and smoke maps, with information about fires and smoke coming from Mexico and Canada that could affect the United States. The application uses a color-coding system to indicate if contamination levels are good, dangerous, or if there is not enough data available.

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    This app, developed by a team of developers in North Macedonia, It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Provides detailed information on air pollution, including charts and maps showing pollutant levels measured by government sensors, as well as by volunteers and other sensors in the United States, Europe and Australia. Additionally, in some major metropolitan areas, AirCare also tracks UV radiation and pollen levels.

    Designed by the renowned Swiss air quality company IQAir, AirVisual tracks air pollution in more than 10,000 cities and 80 countries using data from a vast network of sensors. This free application for iOS and Android devices shows real-time maps with the levels of various pollutants, providing detailed information on air quality. Besides, AirVisual provides weather and air pollution forecasts for the next seven days, as well as news and health information related to air pollution. The app can also be paired with IQAir sensors, such as the portable AirVisual Pro, for accurate indoor measurements.

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    These applications give us access to reliable and up-to-date data on air quality in our city., which is crucial for making informed decisions about our daily activities and protecting our health. Whether we’re concerned about wildfires, industrial pollution, or pollination, these apps allow us to stay on top of pollution levels and take steps to minimize our exposure. With their ease of use and useful features, AirNow, AirCare, and AirVisual have become some of the best options for monitoring air quality around the clock.

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