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    What are the benefits of building a PC in parts instead of buying one ready to use

    Building a computer in pieces instead of buying a new piece of equipment out of the box offers several benefitsboth for gamers and those who do high-demand tasks, such as design and video editing.

    Customization is one of the main benefits of building your own computer. You have the freedom to choose the specific components that fit your needs and preferences. From the motherboard and graphics card to the processor, RAM and storage, you can carefully select each element to optimize your system for the tasks you want to perform.

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    Performance is another important aspect. By building your own computer, you can select high-quality, high-performance components, allowing you to get better performance. compared to pre-built options available on the market. This is especially valuable for gamers and those who work with video design and editing, as they need optimum performance to run demanding applications and software.

    Besides, the ability to upgrade your system is a significant advantage. Instead of having to buy a whole new computer, you can replace individual components based on your needs and budget.. This is especially beneficial for gamers and video editing and design professionals, as they can upgrade their graphics card, RAM, or even their processor to keep up with the demanding requirements of high-performance games and applications.

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    The value for money is another aspect to consider. Building a computer in parts can be cheaper than buying a pre-built option with similar specs. By carefully selecting components and taking advantage of sales and discounts, you can get better performance for the same budget or even save money.

    Lastly, building your own computer gives you hardware knowledge and experience. As you research and learn about the different components and how they work, you become more aware of the technical specifications and performance of your system. This allows you to fix problems yourself and make custom improvements and optimizations in the future.

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