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    What are FPS and why are they important if you want to play video games online

    Image quality and screen resolution are two extremely important aspects when choosing a monitor or television to play video games.. However, there is an added element that is essential to take into account, such as the Frames per Second (FPS) at which it is capable of working.

    This may be a foreign term to many people, but in simple terms it is the number of times per second that an image is displayed on the screen. The higher the figure, the better the person’s performance will be when playing because they will be able to see what is happening in the video game faster and therefore react.

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    You have to remember that televisions and screens in general work by showing still images consecutively at high speed in such a way that the human eye captures this as movement. The greater amount of FPS also allows the images to be seen more fluidly and therefore with greater definition and detail, which is also extremely important when enjoying any type of audiovisual content.

    The importance of the FPS can be easily seen when reviewing the box of any next-generation console, since in them it is possible to appreciate that one of the characteristics that is given the most importance is this section.

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    Something that can happen when talking about FPS is that these are confused with hertz. Yes ok both refer to the quality of a screenthe latter It is used to measure the number of times per second that a screen is updated..

    Similarly, the higher the number of hertz (Hz) associated with a screen, the better its performance, both when playing video games and viewing content.

    Something that experts recommend when Choosing a monitor to play is trying to get it to have the highest FPS and hertz rate possible. With this they will be able to have an extremely fluid image that will make it easier for them to play video games online.

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    Manufacturers are aware of this situation and that is why in recent years there has been an increase in screen development with increasingly high refresh rates and FPS. Some companies have even chosen to market product lines directly for the gaming market, with optimizations for players to enjoy a better gaming experience.

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