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    United States Army alerted about a new hacking method in which they give you a smartwatch

    The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the United States Department of the Army has issued a concerning alert about a new form of cyberattack that has been detected. On this occasion, hackers are using smartwatches as tools to carry out their malicious acts. According to CID reports, Several soldiers have been targeted by this tactic, receiving “gifts” of malware-infected smartwatches

    with the intention that they use them and connect them to their phones, allowing hackers to steal personal and confidential information.

    So far, the military authorities have not disclosed the exact number of military personnel who have received these compromised smartwatches. However, the CID has emphasized the seriousness of this counterintelligence threat and has expressed concern for the safety of members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

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    In an official statement, the CID issued the following warning: “Smartwatches, like any other wearable device, can be used by adversaries to obtain a wide collection of personal information and pose a threat to the security of members of the Navy and the military. US Marine Corps”. This statement highlights the danger inherent in using wearable devices without proper precautions.

    Although it is unknown at this time who is responsible for this attack, the authorities are working hard to identify and capture the perpetrators.. The CID, in collaboration with other cybersecurity agencies, is conducting extensive investigations to trace the origin of these compromised smartwatches and uncover the network behind this sophisticated attack.

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    Disclosure of this new form of cyberattack by the US Department of the Army is a reminder of the constantly evolving threats in the digital realm. Technological advances also present new opportunities for hackers, requiring greater awareness and security measures on the part of users of electronic devices.

    In this sense, Members of the military and the general public are urged to be cautious when receiving electronic gifts, especially wearable devices such as smartwatches. It is essential to verify the provenance of gifts and avoid connecting them directly to personal devices without proper security verification.

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