TechnologyTwitter will hide the headlines of the news shared on the platform

    Twitter will hide the headlines of the news shared on the platform

    X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, is going to hide the news headlines that are shared on the platform. The change, anticipated by fortune and confirmed by Elon Musk, it represents an important change in the way the news appears: it will eliminate the headline and the texts of the articles that are published through links, so that they will only show the main image. “This comes from me directly. It will improve the aesthetics a lot.” Musk confirmed on the platform.

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    Currently, links to news stories shared on X are presented in a card format, showing the photo, the headline, and a subheading or summary line:

    From the moment the change takes place, journalists or editors will have to manually add any text they want to appear in a Tweet. According to the US portal fortunewho had access to internal company information, Musk seeks to “stop the clickbait [cebo para captar clics, que llevan a contenidos que no se ajustan a lo prometido en los titulares]” and “reduce the size of tweets”.

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    It is not known exactly what the repercussion and impact of this change will be, but it has already generated a debate about whether it will lead to confusion for users, who will not be able to see the news headlines directly.

    In addition to aesthetic issues, Musk’s strategy seems to be one more attempt to add content producers to X Blue, the subscription service that costs between 8 and 11 euros a month. The businessman has incited journalists to publish directly on X in exchange for a share of advertising revenue and subscriptions. “If you are a journalist who wants more freedom to write and more income, publish directly on this platform!”, Musk also said on Monday. Premium rs can post longer videos, have their posts displayed higher, and also receive a commission from ad sales.

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    Source: EL PAIS

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