TechnologyTwitch announced pay cuts for streamers who make the most money on...

    Twitch announced pay cuts for streamers who make the most money on the platform

    Twitch announced pay cuts for streamers who make the most money on the platform

    Twitch reported that it will soon make cuts in payments received by content creators with the largest number of fans on the platform. They explained that the idea is to eliminate the premium contracts that they have been offering up to now.

    Through a statement, the president of the company, Dan Clancy, explained that after an in-depth review within the company, they concluded that the premium agreements in which content creators like Ibai Llanos or AuronPlay obtained a higher percentage of the money they generated were not fair.

    “It’s not something we’ve talked about publicly, but those deals are well known within the community. Historically, we have not had a uniform structure for determining who would be awarded those deals and when. A little over a year ago, we made the decision to start to stop offering these premium deals to streamers who didn’t already have these conditions,” reads the statement posted on Twitch’s website.

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    In this sense, Clancy acknowledged that this whole issue, at the time, was handled erroneously by Twitch because it was about secret agreements of which, although the community knew certain aspects, the company never published any details.

    Dan Clancy detailed that under the current model the vast majority of streamers obtain a contract in which the profits are shared 50% between them and the platform, while the biggest and highest generating streamers could get up to 70% sharing deals. From now on, that will change because the agreements for renowned content creators will have a clause that will establish that once the content creator exceeds $100,000 in earnings, their share will drop from 70% to 50%.

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    “We are announcing this change now, but it will not go into effect until after June 1, 2023. From then on, streamers will only be affected when their contract is up for renewal. All streamers who work with these terms have already received this information by email, ”Clancy detailed.

    For its part, agreements with smaller streamers will not be modified in any way.

    In practice, this may mean that renowned streamers, both from the Hispanic community and from the rest of the world, evaluate the possibility of migrating to other platforms that can offer them better deals.

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    Months ago, Ibai Llanos himself had commented on the possibility of leaving Twitch due to the changes that they had been implementing and that were directly affecting his income.. The Spanish streamer even detailed that 2022 could become his last year on the platform.

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