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    Threads: what it is, how to download it and what you need to know about the new app that aims to replace Twitter

    Threads, Meta’s new social network, came to try to unseat Twitter amid the discontent of its users over the changes implemented since Elon Musk acquired the platform. The new app links directly to Instagram and allows you to post threads, reply to other people, and follow content from multiple accounts. In any case, links, photos and videos can be included to make the publications more interactive.

    A few hours after its launch, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that 30 million people have already joined Threads, although the company maintains the expectation of reaching one billion users in the coming days. The CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarinoresponded in a tweet that several have tried to copy his formula without the same success, Mastodon being another of the alternative networks that gained momentum after the controversies caused by the arrival of Elon Musk on the social network: “They have imitated us, but the community of Twitter can never be equaled.”

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    The businessman has not officially commented on Threads, but he humorously reacted to Twitter user posts mocking the similarities between the two platforms.

    Threads is already available for iOS and Android, although it will be necessary to have an Instagram account to be able to install the application and create a profile.

    How to download the app?

    Enter the App Store or Google Play Store. Once inside, write “Instagram Threads” in the search engine, the application is identified with its black and white icon. Then click on “Download”. Once it has been installed, the app can be accessed. It is also likely that a notification will arrive directly to the Instagram profile, which will facilitate the download process.

    How to activate the profile?

    To start using Threads, you need to enter an Instagram user. The app will ask to fill in the personal information, but it also shows an option to import the data directly from Instagram.

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    You must choose whether you want the profile to be public or private, and once this step is completed you can select new contacts to follow.

    How to use Threads?

    With a graphical interface similar to that of Twitter, from the “home” section it will be possible to interact with the publications of others, and in the search icon it will be possible to locate other Threads users.

    If you want to make a thread, you have to click on the notebook icon. Once the message is written, it should be published and continue with the text at the bottom. As with Instagram, the heart icon shows recent account activity.

    The main differences between Twitter and Threads

    Threads users can write up to 500 characters per thread, which is in contrast to Twitter’s 280.

    • Threads does not have a limit on post views, as happened recently with the 600 set by Twitter.
    • Unlike Twitter, Threads doesn’t allow posts to be saved as drafts, they must be shared immediately or discarded.
    • Threads is governed by Instagram’s security policies, with the same penalties for spam and hate speech.
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    So far, advertising has not been activated in Threads, although it is very likely that this measure is not final, since Mark Zuckerberg has declared that adjustments and improvements are still being implemented in the interface, which may be the main differentiator between the two. social networks in the future.

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