TechnologyThis Virtual K-Pop Band Looks So Realistic It's Confusing Fans

    This Virtual K-Pop Band Looks So Realistic It’s Confusing Fans

    Music K-Pop has conquered many fans around the planetand now it is also doing it in the virtual world with computer generated stripes.

    K-pop has taken the world by storm in recent years, with groups like BTS and Black Pink conquering market after market with their catchy songs and energetic dance routines generating billions of dollars.

    But the big companies behind the K-pop wave want more and are constantly looking for ways to stay relevant in this industry to continue generating money and popularity. artificial intelligence is apparently the next big thing.

    So it is not surprising that the virtual k-pop groups generated by artificial intelligence are already a reality today.

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    Eternity is a virtual k-pop idol group generated by artificial intelligence, consisting of 11 members and created with advanced deep imitation technology.

    At first sight, Eternity Looks Like Just Another K-Pop Girl Group created with the same mold as all the other representatives of the popular genre, but all 11 members are hyper-realistic avatars created with deep-fake technology.

    Created by the South Korean deep learning technology company Press9Eternity has been described as a glimpse into the future of K-pop, a future where the genre is no longer held back by the limitations of human idols.

    This kind of bands They have several advantages over humans. as the fact of being available 24 hours a day without physical or temporal limitations.

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    Park Jieun, CEO of Pulse9 has said that the advantage of having virtual artists is that virtual artists can be free of physical or even mental limitations that humans usually have.

    To create Eternity, the company generated 101 female faces with Deep Real AI, a patented fake virtual image technology. They then had various K-pop fans vote for their favorites and had the designers cheer on the idol group members based on the winning characters.

    Thanks to Pulse9’s advanced deep-fake technology, singers’ faces can be projected onto real girls’ facesallowing group members to appear even more real in online fan encounters.

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    Just like real K-pop stars, in addition to performing as a group, Pulse9 envisions that the Eternity members undertake solo projects and work as influencers and brand models on the Internet. In fact, one of the eleven members has already appeared in an advertisement for a South Korean brokerage company.

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