TechnologyThis is WhatsApp's plan to allow messages from other platforms

    This is WhatsApp’s plan to allow messages from other platforms

    WhatsApp, the favorite messaging application of millions of people around the world, is about to release an update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version to What does this new update have in store for us? Keep reading to find out!

    The European Union has taken an important step in competition reform with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This legislation will impose strict rules on large technology companies, forcing them to offer users the ability to communicate through different applications. WhatsApp is among the companies that must comply with these new regulations due to its status as a monitoring service, thanks to its large user base and its compliance with the WFD criteria.

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    The latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, available on the Google Play Store, reveals that the application is already working on the implementation of these new regulations. A screenshot shows a new section dedicated to regulations, which is still in development and not available to users.

    However, this advance confirms that WhatsApp is committed to adapting to European Union standards. The company has a period of 6 months to adjust the application and offer interoperability in the European Unionalthough it is not yet clear if this feature will expand to other countries.

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    Interoperability will allow people who use different messaging applications to communicate with each other, even if they do not have an account on the same platform. For example, Someone using Signal could send a message to a WhatsApp user without needing a WhatsApp account. While this expansion of the communication network is positive, it raises important considerations regarding end-to-end encryption when receiving messages from users who do not use WhatsApp. Although technical details are still limited, it is confirmed that end-to-end encryption will be maintained in interoperable messaging systems. Additionally, users will have the option to opt out of this feature in the future.

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    In addition to interoperability, WhatsApp is also working on third-party chat support, which will be available in future updates to the app. This promises to open up new communication possibilities for users.

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