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    This is the time you have from now if you want to modify a tweet

    Twitter released an exciting update that has changed the way tweets can be edited once they’ve been posted.. Previously, users only had 30 minutes to make any changes to their posts, but now, thanks to the latest update, this time has been extended to a full hour.

    This new extended editing feature has been enthusiastically received by the Twitter community. Now, users have more flexibility and time to correct misspellings, add additional information, or make any necessary adjustments to your tweets after you post them. The ability to edit for an hour provides added convenience and helps prevent awkward situations where a tweet with errors or incorrect information has been sent.

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    However, It is important to note that this extended editing feature is only available to those users who have subscribed to Twitter Blue, the platform’s premium service. Twitter Blue offers a variety of exclusive benefits for subscribers, such as the ability to post longer text and videos in high definition.

    Although some users may be unhappy with the fact that this feature is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers, it is important to recognize that this subscription is optional.

    In addition to the extended editing feature, Twitter Blue offers other exclusive benefits that make the subscription worthwhile.. One of them is the possibility of use an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as your profile picture. NFTs have grown in popularity in the digital world, and Twitter Blue allows subscribers to show their support for this unique form of digital art and property by using an NFT as their profile picture.

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    Another notable perk is the ability to add custom shortcuts to the home and Spaces tab within the app.. This allows Twitter Blue users to quickly access the areas of the platform they use the most, making navigation even easier and improving the overall experience.

    Additionally, Twitter Blue subscribers enjoy increased visibility for their posts.. Your tweets are more likely to be shown to a larger number of users, which can lead to more interaction, engagement, and reach for your content.

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