TechnologyThey prohibit the sale of iPhone 12 due to its high levels...

    They prohibit the sale of iPhone 12 due to its high levels of radiation

    A few days after Apple presented the long-awaited iPhone 15, along with its three Plus, Pro and Pro Max variants, news has shaken the brand’s fan community in France. The iPhone 12, one of the company’s most popular devices, has been banned in France because it emits radiation levels that exceed limits established by local regulations.

    The announcement that ended sales of the iPhone 12 in France was made by Noël Barrot, the French Minister of Digital Transition and Telecommunications. According to Barrot, The radiation limit allowed for phones in France is 4 Watts/kg. However, the iPhone 12 greatly exceeds this figure, reaching 5.74 W/kg. This put the authorities on alert, who did not hesitate to take drastic measures.

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    Even though the iPhone 12’s radiation levels exceed French limits, health experts have stated that this does not pose an immediate risk to users’ health. This is a relief for those who already own this iPhone model, since they can continue using it without worries.

    It is important to note that this ban applies only to the iPhone 12. The other models of the Apple company can continue to be marketed without restrictions on French territory. This alleviates the situation somewhat, as fans of the brand still have access to a wide range of options.

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    Noël Barrot has made it clear that this ban may not be permanent. If Apple takes concrete measures to solve the iPhone 12 radiation problem, they could lift the restriction. However, if the company does not act appropriately, they could order the withdrawal of all iPhone 12s that are still in circulation in the country.

    Until now, Apple has not made any public statement about the measure taken by the French government. This has generated uncertainty among users and the technology community in general, who are waiting to know the company’s position in this situation.

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    This event occurs in a context in which Strong rumors are circulating that the Chinese government could be considering banning all Apple phones. This would leave the company without one of its most important markets and could have a significant impact on its global operations. Without a doubt, these are challenging times for Apple.

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