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    They launch a new type of pregnancy test that works with saliva: how does it work and where can you buy it?

    Abingdon Health, a leading company in the field of medical testing, has launched a revolutionary new type of pregnancy test known as SaliStick. This innovative test allows the test to be carried out using only a saliva sampleproviding comfort and ease to women who want to confirm their pregnancy.

    One of the outstanding characteristics of the SaliStick is its high precision, with a success rate of 95%.. This provides women with reliable and accurate results regarding their pregnancy status. Also, unlike conventional tests that require urine samples, the SaliStick can be used in any situation, without the need for a nearby bathroom, which is a significant advantage.

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    It is important to mention that the SaliStick has an affordable price for users. At the moment, They are available in the market for 9.99 British Pounds, which is roughly equivalent to about $12.7 USD.. This affordable price allows more women the ability to purchase and use this innovative pregnancy test.

    At the moment, this innovative test is available on the UK and Ireland market. However, it is expected that it will soon be available in more countries.since its launch has generated great interest and expectation both among health professionals and among women who are looking for a more comfortable and practical way to perform the pregnancy test.

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    The process of using the SaliStick is simple and hygienic. The test comes with a specific collector where a saliva sample is deposited. This sample is then placed in an analysis unit that contains the necessary reagents to detect the pregnancy hormone. In only about 10 minutes, a display on the analysis unit will show the results in a clear and easy to interpret manner..

    Chris Yates, Chief Executive Officer of Abingdon Health, expressed his excitement about this innovation, commenting: “This exciting innovation offers women the opportunity to perform a pregnancy test in a cleaner, more direct and easier way, and is a long-awaited development. been in the pregnancy test market for a long time.” With these words, Yates highlights the importance of this new option in the market and how it provides women with a more convenient and accessible alternative.

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