TechnologyThey filter video of Project Q and discover this secret of Sony's...

    They filter video of Project Q and discover this secret of Sony’s portable console

    A recently leaked video on Reddit has revealed intriguing details about Sony’s highly anticipated handheld console, known as Project Q.. The amazing thing about this leak is that it shows that the console works with Android operating system.

    What has left users stunned is that the Project Q is not expected to hit the market for several months, and yet this video already gives us a glimpse of what we could expect from this revolutionary device.

    In the leaked material, we can see a user operating the console, showing in detail the buttons with which it will be equipped.. The Android OS navigation experience looks smooth and functional, adding excitement and anticipation for portable gaming fans.

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    One aspect that confirms the authenticity of this device is that it perfectly matches the design that Sony presented at an event in mid-May, which suggests that this leaked video is a genuine proof of the actual working of the Project Q.

    So far, Sony has not issued any official statement in response to this unexpected leak. The gaming community is eager to learn more details about this console and what its gaming experience will be like with Android as its primary operating system.

    The impact of this leak has been significant, generating debate and speculation among video game enthusiasts.. The combination of Sony’s reputation for developing quality consoles and the choice of the Android operating system has created a cocktail of emotions, and fans are hungry for more information.

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    Despite this leak, many expect Sony to reveal more details and surprises in the near future through its official channels. For now, the mystery of Project Q and its integration with Android remains one of the hottest topics in the gaming industry.

    From what has been known both officially and through this leak, This innovative handheld console provides gamers with a top-notch gaming experience thanks to its 8-inch HD screen..

    Packed with all the buttons and features of the acclaimed DualSense wireless controller, guarantees total immersion just like the PS5. The unique adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, characteristic of DualSense, will also be integrated into Project Q, ensuring an unprecedented gaming experience.

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