TechnologyThese 35 phones will say goodbye to WhatsApp next month

    These 35 phones will say goodbye to WhatsApp next month

    If you are an avid WhatsApp user and still have one of those old phones that you cherish so much, it’s time to take note. WhatsApp has announced that starting October 24, several phone models will no longer be compatible with the messaging application. most popular in the world. Don’t be left behind and keep reading to find out if your device is on the list!

    WhatsApp does not take this decision lightly. The platform regularly stops supporting older devices that no longer meet the technical specifications needed to run the application smoothly.. This is done to ensure the best possible experience for all users.

    If you are one of those affected by this measure, don’t worry, WhatsApp will keep you informed. Users who have one of the models that will no longer be compatible with the application will receive notifications before it stops working on their devices. This way, you can be prepared and take the necessary measures.

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    This news does not distinguish between operating systems; both Android and iOS devices will be affected. So if you are a loyal follower of WhatsApp, regardless of your operating system, you should pay attention.

    If you are wondering if your phone is one of the models that will no longer be supported, here is the list of affected devices:

    –Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite
    –Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
    – Samsung Galaxy s3 Mini
    –Samsung Galaxy Trend II
    – Samsung Galaxy X cover 2
    – LG Optimus L3 II Dual
    – LG Optimus L5 II
    –LG Optimus F5
    – LG Optimus L3 I
    –LG Optimus L7II
    – LG Optimus L5 Dual
    – LG Optimus L7 Dual
    –LG Optimus F3
    – LG Optimus F3Q
    –LG Optimus L2 II
    –LG Optimus L4 II
    –LG Optimus F6
    – LG Enact
    – LG Lucid 2
    –LG Optimus F7
    – Huawei Ascend Mate
    – Huawei Ascend G740
    – Huawei Ascend D2
    – Sony Xperia M
    –Lenovo A820
    – ZTE V956 – UMI X2
    – ZTE Grand S Flex
    – ZTE Grand Memo
    – Faea F1THL W8
    – Wiko Cink Five
    – Winko Darknight
    – Archos 53 Platinum
    – iPhone 6s
    – iPhone 6s Plus
    – iPhone SE first generation

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    If your phone model is not listed, you are safe! You can continue using WhatsApp without worries.

    If your phone is on the list and you want to continue using WhatsApp, the solution is simple: consider updating your device to a newer one. This will allow you to continue enjoying all the features and updates that WhatsApp has to offer.

    So friends, it’s time to say goodbye to those old companions and welcome a new phone if you want to stay connected with your friends and family through WhatsApp. Technology is constantly advancing, and it is important to stay up to date to enjoy the best digital experiences. Don’t be left behind and update your phone before October 24 to continue being part of the WhatsApp community!

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