TechnologyThe Spanish Data Protection Agency investigates ChatGPT for "possible breach of regulations"

    The Spanish Data Protection Agency investigates ChatGPT for “possible breach of regulations”

    Doubts about the impact of the artificial intelligence application created by the OpenAI company, ChatGPT, have reached Spain. Following the suspicions that it has aroused in the governments of Italy, the United States and China, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) has announced today that “it has officially initiated preliminary investigation proceedings against the American company for a possible breach of the regulations”, according to a statement from the Spanish state entity.

    As reported by the AEPD, the initiative arose last week, when the Spanish agency requested the European Committee for Data Protection (EDPB) “to include the ChatGPT service as a topic to be addressed in its plenary meeting, considering that global treatments that can have a significant impact on the rights of individuals require harmonized and coordinated actions at the European level in application of the General Data Protection Regulation”.

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    The initiative has been taken up by the EDPB, of which the Spanish agency is a part, at the meeting they held today and it has been decided to create a working group for cooperation and the exchange of information between the entities that are part of the European Committee of Data Protection.

    In this way, the Spanish investigation will not be singular and individual, but will form part of that undertaken by the rest of the entities responsible for data protection.

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    The AEPD qualifies that the investigation is not opened against “the development and implementation of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence” but to guarantee “full respect for current legislation”. “Only from this starting point can a technological development compatible with the rights and freedoms of the people be carried out”, he concludes.

    At the end of March, Italy decided to block the use of ChatGPT for breaching data protection regulations and lacking filters for minors.

    Just two days ago, the Joe Biden Administration established a 60-day period to gather ideas on how to legislate against the unwanted effects of these programs based on artificial intelligence and that can pose a risk in fields as disparate as privacy, disinformation or the labor market.

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    The Government of China has developed a regulatory proposal to require security and legitimacy in these applications.

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